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“Entire regions are likely to be successful if they are supported by a sustainable and resilient regional capital.”

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Regional Capitals Alliance Western Australia | RCAWA

City of Albany

As the oldest permanently settled town in WA, the City of Albany is a picturesque community featuring heritage buildings enhanced by dramatic coastline and surrounding pockets of natural beauty. Tourism is a key industry, with cruise ships regularly boosting the already strong tourist visitation numbers. Other key drivers include agriculture, timber production, fishing, and aquaculture, with the Port also providing an essential export facility.

Regional Capitals Alliance Western Australia | RCAWA

Shire of Broome

The iconic tourist town of Broome is a dynamic and exciting community that is projected to experience high permanent population growth over the next ten years. In addition to tourism, Broome’s economy is centred on service, pastoral, horticultural, aquaculture and the minerals and energy sectors. As a thriving services hub, Broome blends commercial and economic activity while retaining its natural beauty where wilderness meets the ocean.

Regional Capitals Alliance Western Australia | RCAWA

City of Bunbury

As the key commercial and administrative hub of the South West region, Bunbury offers a well-serviced community in an attractive beach side setting. With key industries including mining, manufacturing, agricultural, timber production, retail and services, and tourism, Bunbury has a diverse economy. Its port is one of Australia’s largest regional facilities, exporting significant quantities of bulk commodities.

Regional Capitals Alliance Western Australia | RACWA

City of Busselton

As one of the fastest growing towns in Western Australia, Busselton’s population is expected to double by 2026. This modern beach side community has a strong tourism sector, including cruise ship visitation, along with a range of significant industries including construction, agriculture, education and services, and manufacturing.

Regional Capitals Alliance Western Australia | RACWA

Shire of Esperance

Esperance offers the advantages of a compact regional centre, combined with the natural beauty of its pristine coastline. The area’s key industry activity centres in agriculture, manufacturing, fishing, and tourism, while they play a pivotal support role to the nearby mining area of the Goldfields as the main export port for the region.

City of Greater Geraldton

Servicing the Midwest Region, Geraldton natural coastal assets are an iconic feature of the city. With industries including mining, fishing, manufacturing, agricultural, construction, retail and tourism, the City has a diverse economy. The Port of Geraldton is the major seaport for the region, significant as both an export and import point as well as welcoming cruise ships.

Regional Capitals Alliance Western Australia | RCAWA

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

With a rich heritage as a gold-rush town, Kalgoorlie-Boulder is Australia’s largest outback city. The local economy continues to be based on mining, with the region being a significant contributor to Western Australian’s $30 billion mining industry, in 2015-16 the total value of mineral production in the region totalling nearly $9 billion.

Regional Capitals Alliance Western Australia | RCAWA

City of Karratha

Karratha is a ‘City of the North’ and is the largest contributor to the national economy of all local governments in Western Australia, and the sixth largest contributor in Australia. Known best as a major service and extraction hub, Karratha also offers modern, first-class community facilities in a vibrant and exciting lifestyle.

Regional Capitals Alliance Western Australia | RCAWA

Shire of Northam

As the regional hub of the Avon Valley and Central Wheatbelt, Northam offers the charm of a historic rural community with modern services, just a short distance from the metro area. Nestled alongside the Avon River, this traditionally agriculturally focused hub is rapidly diversifying into industries such as retail, health, and education, along with tourism including recreational aviation.

Regional Capitals Alliance Western Australia | RCAWA

Town of Port Hedland

This relatively young town was established in the 1960s but is already the second largest town in the region and is expected to experience significant growth over the next twenty years. The Port is the highest tonnage port in Australia and the largest bulk export port in the world.  This community offers exciting opportunities for residents and industry as it continues to develop high standard facilities to support sustainable growth of its developing community.

RCAWA capitals do not reflect the stereotyped rural idea of a regional centre. Rather, each capital offers a unique, vibrant community with well-developed infrastructure, services, and opportunities. Harnessing these assets and building the regions of Western Australia is at the core of RCAWA’s vision for the State.